Sobak's crawler


Blocks are the main building components of Scrawler which are responsible for providing swappable pieces of logic defining the way crawling, scrapping or result processing operations work. Usually there is more than one implementation provided by default for given block which you can (and should) easily pick in your configuration file, depending on your needs.

Internally, all blocks are also structured in a similar way. They live in \Scrawler\Block namespace and consist of an interface that each block variant must implement and in most cases a general abstract class which provides most typical behavior (usually limited to implementing required setters or getters and their corresponding class properties).

For the list of available blocks and their builtin implementations please consult the list below. Please note that first level list items lead to the general documentation for the block — its interface, purpose and related implementation details while nested elements are for description of every class that is provided out of the box, mentioning its potential parameters etc.