Sobak's crawler

ClientConfigurationProvider Block

Client configuration providers are data transfer objects responsible for keeping additional configuration of Scrawler's underlying Guzzle instance.

Every class must implement getConfiguration() and setConfiguration() methods which can be inherited from the available abstract class. There is no additional abstraction provided over Guzzle's configuration format which means that stored arrays must adhere to format required by the documentation of Guzzle itself.

Configuration arrays from registered providers are recursively merged in order the providers were registered in.

Client configuration providers are registered as usual, by providing an object of class implementing the valid interface and can be removed by using a fully qualified class name of the provider (::class value).


This client configuration provider enables you to send HTTP Basic Auth credentials required by the website. You need to provide username and password as arguments to the class constructor.

->addClientConfigurationProvider(new BasicAuthProvider('username', 'password'))


Literal client configuration provider takes an array as its only constructor parameter and passes it to Guzzle. It means that you can use it to set any kind of configuration no matter if it has dedicated configuration provider.

->addClientConfigurationProvider(new LiteralProvider(['timeout' => 0))


This is a default client configuration provider which includes Scrawler name and version inside the user agent. It does, however, require you to pass information about your specific bot based on Scrawler so that owners of websites you crawl can actually identify and contact you.