Sobak's crawler


Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited. For code contributions please use pull requests on the GitHub repository.


Reporting an issue is absolutely fine if you don't have time or will to solve the problem yourself. Just please remember about providing all potentially helpful information when creating an issue. I highly recommend stickin to the following template:

Describe what is wrong, include piece of code or screenshot if needed.

# Steps to reproduce

# What was expected result?

Version: Version number or commit hash if using develop - preferably `git describe --all --long` output.

Pull Requests

Development tip

There is a dev-only autoloading rule defined in composer.json that maps /dev directory to the App\ namespace so you don't have to create second project and configure Composer to symlink Scrawler into its directory. Simply drop a config file there, same for any custom implementations or e.g. entities and you're ready to go.

Running Tests

Please don't forget to run the test suite before submitting a pull request.

composer tests

Functional tests will run PHP server process (the crawler will then connect to) on a port 9394. Make sure to keep it open or change the value using the TEST_SERVER_PORT environment variable.

If you experience unexpected test failures make sure that the PHP's dev server used by the integration tests suite had enough time to start. You can change the default wait time by setting the TEST_SERVER_WAIT environment variable to a desired number of milliseconds.

Happy tinkering, I appreciate your help!